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Welcome to the magical world of baby swimming.

Our structured five week programme is aimed at babies from birth to four years. It has been created to enable your child to join us at whatever their swimming ability.

Our lessons are focused on helping you and your child gain confidence in the water. Through our carefully designed training programme, that includes word association and nursery rhymes, we will gently encourage you and your child to find trust in each other in the water and enjoy the time you spend together swimming.

Your baby is an individual and will join a class that reflects their age and ability, ensuring they progress at their own pace. To make sure that we achieve this, our classes are small, with a maximum of eight children in one class.

Our classes run for five weeks. A ten week course can sometimes be challenging to commit to and because we know life can be very busy, if you miss a class, for whatever reason, we give you the flexibility of making up your missed lesson within your existing course.

Our five week courses are on a continuous rolling programme so the chances are that you will be able to join a course more of less immediately where you will learn that:

  • The water gives tremendous freedom of movement and we will show you how to work with your child’s natural reflexes.
  • Swimming stimulates appetite and leads to improved sleeping and eating patterns.
  • From just six weeks old, babies can begin breath-holding exercises using word association.
  • This gentle coaching controls their natural instinct to hold their breath when their faces make contact with water – undoubtedly an invaluable lesson to learn!
  • Your child will develop strength, stamina and agility, whilst learning to respect and love the water safely.
  • Water’s natural buoyancy makes it extremely enabling, allowing babies to exercise a multitude of muscle groups.
  • Using buoyancy aids like floats and noodles to combine a mixture of exciting play activities will increase baby’s independence and self-confidence in the water.

When we feel your baby is ready we introduce them to the different skills that will enable them to swim confidently.

We have found that the best way to achieve this is to allow children to progress at their own pace, after all, we learn best when we feel ready and when we feel safe!

Safety is our number one priority. We will make sure that before the course ends you have learnt everything you need so you can just relax, have fun with your baby and be confident to continue your baby’s learning outside the class environment.

The ultimate goal of Baby Swim Bournemouth is to teach you and your baby to be water-safe. This means that a Baby Swim Bournemouth child will learn not only how to hold their breath underwater and swim confidently, they’ll also be taught how to find the safety of the poolside unaided beginning a life time of safety in the water.

If you’d like to give your child a head start in water, please do get in touch.

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