Baby Swim Bournemouth offers baby and toddler swimming lessons in Bournemouth & Poole, Dorset.

Why choose Baby Swim Bournemouth?

  1. Over 20 years experience with STA qualifications

  2. 5 week courses offering complete flexibility

  3. Veronique has trained many other swimming school teachers

  4. From Birth to 3 years old

  5. Convenient times and warm pools

  6. You can make up lessons / classes by going to another class on any other day within your existing 5 week course.

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  • Superb swimming lesson today with Veronique at babyswimbournemouth Lily was a different child to the one hauled up and down lengths at previous classes, in the end shouting "don't hold me mummy" at the top of her voice and refusing to get out of the pool...THAT's what I call a... - Ruth Macpherson
  • Veronique really knows her stuff and will teach swimming properly and thoroughly whilst still managing to make it fun. She's warm and kind and passionate about teaching children. Highly recommended. - Sarah De Lisle
  • I attended baby stage one with Veronique of BabySwim Bournemouth when my little girl was 3 months old.  The lessons are very structured and Veronique has a very unique, friendly and lively teaching style.  She introduces and welcomes both mum and baby well to the water and to the class.  My baby was very comfortable throughout... - Debbie Howells Owner of BabyFit UK (
  • My 11 month old loves his classes with Veronique, he has progressed amazingly in such a short space of time, definetely a testament to the teacher! Stuart and I love our Wednesday mornings with him in the pool. - Katy Hibberd
  • Amazing first lesson for Sidney (3 months) thank you for putting us both at ease, looking forward to the following weeks! - Nicola Edelstein
  • I have been taking my daughter Cianne to Veronique's classes for the past 10 weeks, and can not recommend her enough, she has helped me a great deal to build my own confidence, and Cianne is more than happy now to go under water and is doing very well with her release swims, her... - Marion Nell
  • Veronique Pyper taught my daughter to swim (she's now 12!) and I cannot recommend her highly enough. She's simply lovely with children. She remembers their name, connects with them and teaches them to swim without any effort at all. - Karen Oliver
  • Digby absolutely loves it and we cant believe he floated on his second lesson and went underwater smiling!!! - Chris Skone-Roberts
  • Excellent teaching skills. Thank you so much Veronique. - Enza Brancaccio
  • We have had two lessons with our 6 month old Oliver and loving it ! Can't believe how much we've been shown he has already learn't how to hold his breath and swim under water having great fun. - Anthony Beal
  • Ludo misses your swimming lessons. You gave him such a good start, he's obsessed with the water! -  - Marina Fogle -
  • Veronique's classes are really fun, not just for the babies but also for the parents with her great sense of humour. Veronique is constantly listening and watching to make sure all of the babies are happy and she will never get them to go under the water if they don't want to. If your... - Christina Louise Marcham
  • Both my stepsons were very nervous swimmers when they first started with Veronique, she has completely changed that, they now jump into any water, anywhere, sea or pool, it's a revelation. Veronique also taught my son from the beginning, and he is a superb swimmer. If you want to get... - Kirsty Allsop
  • My 9 month old daughter has been attending classes with Veronique for over 2 months now and she absolutely loves the lessons. She had never been in a pool before we started the lessons but has made amazing progress. Thanks to Veronique's techniques. - Nicola Williams
  • Thank you Veronique for a great First swim lesson, Logan really seemed to enjoy it , look forward to next week and watching him progress :-) - Sharon Stodgell
  • We have been going to Veronique for a couple of months now and Harrison loves going swimming, Veronique has given him great confidence and its amazing how he recognises the commands she teaches them from the start! - Samantha Humby Frost
  • Thank you for an amazing lesson today, you give Zara so much confidence in the water!! Looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks :) xx - Vicki Corbin
  • Loving classes with Veronique, Aurora is so confident in the water now and if she does get a bit upset (hardly ever) then Veronique has such a wonderful way with babies that it never lasts long. This also makes me feel so much more comfortable as I know I won't... - Leigh Marie Shaughnessy
  • After another great lesson Eddie slept for our entire 2 hour car journey to Bluewater! Thank you, thank you for wearing him out and giving us a stress free trip! - Jo Chia
  • Veronique taught my Connie from 3 months to about 3 years and she is the best teacher I have ever seen for kids.... really. Good luck Eek! (Connie's name for her! - good isn't it?) - Fanny Snaith
  • The best teacher for babies .. Now all grown up at 7 and 8 they're in it everywhere .. :) - Fiona Austin
  • My 5 month old daughter has been having swimming lessons with Veronique for the last 3 months. I am completely amazed at what she is able to do and how confident she is in the water. She takes everything in her stride, which I can only put down to Veronique's... - Clare McCartan
  • Veronique has taught both my children since they were tiny babies (my daughter is now 5 ½, my son almost 3) and it is entirely down to her excellence in teaching methodology and compassion for young children (and their varying abilities) that my daughter is now swimming laps in a... - Fiona McCarthy
  • Jasmine is loving being in advanced babies, she is so happy when she is in the pool and Veronique makes them such fun! - Catherine Uzzell
  • Seb loves his baby swimming lessons. Veronique has a lovely way with the children. Not only is she teaching them life saving skills but all the songs, games and rhymes she includes within the classes are brilliant for his development too. - Becca Somers
  • Mohib had a fantastic swimming lesson with you that day and we are looking forward to dive in pool next week. Royal bath Hotel is a great location with a friendly atmosphere. I would recommend Veronique without any doubts to all keen parents who are looking for a dedicated, professional... - Mehwish Mufti
  • Veronique is an engaging and proactive teacher who works with individual ability even within a group setting. We were so sad when we moved and were no longer able to swim with her. So, we are now pretty excited to see new classes in our neighbourhood, and both my daughters... - Lisa Northey-Dennis
  • My little monkey really starts to enjoy the water, I can't believe it. We are not yet swimming or diving but the progress is visible. Thank you Veronique. With your support and your patience we look forward to our swimming lessons every week. Thank you - Ines Homberg
  • I have been so impressed with the baby lessons that my second son has had, they are head and shoulders above the other baby swimming lessons my first son had elsewhere (which actually made him afraid of swimming pools). With babyswim bournemouth you can see the theory behind what she's... - Sarah Holmes
  • We had a fantastic swim this Thursday. Only his 3rd lesson and Stanley is loving swimming under water. Big smiles and finds it very amusing to keep splashing mummy! Thanks Veronique we're having great fun xx - Debutots Bournemouth & surroundings
  • Had our first swim session today at Royal Bath Hotel with my 6mth old boy who absolutely loved it!! Veronique, you are one talented lady!! So glad we found you.You are truly amazing! - Linda Stammers
  • I attended baby swimming classes taken by Veronique once a week from 2006-2011. Over this 5 year period Veronique taught my 3 children to enjoy the water, basic swimming skills and how to be safe in the pool. Veronique was reliable, confident and passionate. - Dr Moira Wong
  • My son is 13 months old and we have just completed our first term with Veronique. We went to other classes before joining babyswim and my little man really hated going underwater. Within just a few lessons he started relaxing more and now seems to actually enjoy it. The lessons are so relaxed and fun.... - Charlene Mills
  • Jake loved his new year swim with Veronique! It is amazing how great she is with our little ones. Jake held onto the side of the pool unaided and floated solo for the first time, at 10 months old I find this incredible. One very proud mummy, Thank you... - Laura Cashmore
  • I first met Veronique as nervy new mother 6 years ago, when my daughter was 3 months old. Veronique's weekly Aquababies classes were the only thing that we stuck rigidly to that first year and my daughter took to the water and Veronique instantaneously! Veronique always hits the right balance... - Gwynnie Watkins Burrows
  • Veronique taught my son Max to swim. I have had the most amazing times with him in the pool on holiday. He is confident and loves the water. Veronique you rock! - Hamish Hamilton
  • I have never been confident in the water and didn't want my daughter to have the same fear, Veronique makes myself and my daughter feel at ease and Kamilah is more and more confident every lesson above and below the water. We now have some great photos and video of Kamilah in the water... - Stephanie Dove
  • Veronique Pyper has been my daughter, Lola's, swimming teacher for the past two years. Under Veronique's tuition, Lola has evolved into a confident, ultra-capable swimmer who has learned to listen and to be cautious without being afraid. This is entirely due to Veronique's skill, patience, kindness and her natural way... - Sara Parker Bowles
  • Really can't wait for next weeks swim with you!! Max & I are both getting so much from the lessons! He was so contented today after swimming & it makes me feel so close to him when we swim together ? I recommend Veronique to anyone who wants to teach... - Fifi Middleton
  • We have been taking our daughter for a while now and can't believe how confident and happy she is in the water. This is all thanks to Veronique's amazing teaching style and expertise in teaching babies to swim. The lessons are always very relaxed, fun, and highly professional. We have never feared for our daughters... - Amy Brackpool
  • I wanted to thank you for ANOTHER great swimming lesson. After doing lots of baby nursery rhyme only sessions, it is great to see my two and a half year old ACTUALLY learning to swim. Today he swam on his own - after a few lessons - I could not... - Nic Ponsford
  • This is the class that will actually teach your baby to swim! I can't recommend BabySwimBournemouth enough.It is worth every penny! - Davina Samann
  • My son loves his swimming lessons. He started the course 4 weeks ago and I am amazed at what he can already do. Veronique is amazing with the babies, and I look forward to the class every week. I cannot speak highly enough of Veronique and I strongly recommend baby swim bournemouth to anybody considering... - Shamayne Evetts
  • Love baby classes and definitely going to continue. My LO is so happy, active and feels and even looks different. Positive changes. Plus, a time to spend together, getting to know other mums and share experiences. - Elvira Bolat
  • We miss you Veronique, great teacher, great friend. Santiago really enjoy his lessons, for 3 wonderful years of dedication and passion. Super my friend, unforgettable times. - Veronica Bolivar
  • I think you are a brilliant teacher and so fab with the way you handle the babies, I can see why you have had a good career in teaching. - Gemma and Beau
  • Thank you Veronique, we are loving your classes. As well as being a lot of fun I really value and appreciate the life saving skills the kids are's a wonderful feeling to know that they have skills such as reaching out for a wall and climbing out unassisted, breath... - Danniella.
  • I had the pleasure of photographing Veronique in action! I have to say, she is amazing with the babies and in-stills a confidence in the tiny ones. It's so much fun to watch the little ones enjoying their swim. Smiles all round - Tracy Willis
  • I'm really pleased Ellie is enjoying her swimming so much - it's one of the fundamental skills so I'm delighted that Ellie is learning from such a young age. You make the sessions fun and there appears to be a good mix of safety, swimming and diving. I also noticed... - Neil Tape
  • Veronique cannot come recommended highly enough. She always leaves me WOWED after every session at the progress all the children make each week. My daughter has learned to swim in about 5 months and not only that, her confidence is so much higher in general since starting with her. Don't bother going anywhere else, Veronique... - Angela Howard
  • I first met Veronique when I qualified to be a baby swimming instructor and worked for Aquababies with Julie-Ann James. I was assigned to Veronique to receive the training I needed and I have to say that she is AMAZING. I have learned so much from her and her passion and I always enjoyed... - Gemma Altarriba
  • Veronique is great with the babies. I enjoy going to her swimming classes every week, as does my 6 month old daughter. It is amazing to see how she anticipates an underwater swim from the word association and activities we have practiced. Highly recommend. - Emma Ruddock
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